Analytical Study of Uniqueness of Culture of Pakistan


Khalifa Ahmad Muiz


This paper deals with the culture of Pakistan and specifically the uniqueness of the Pakistani culture. When we study Pakistan we find that there are five provinces namely: Punjab; Sindh; Khyber Pakhtunkhawa; Balochistan and Gilgit Baltistan. Every province has a different and unique culture even; within a province there are different regional cultures which are unique in themselves. The culture of Lahore is different from that of Karachi or Peshawar. Similarly, the culture of Lahore is different from Faisalabad and Sahiwal. In this paper, the culture of the walled city Lahore is discussed and some of its factors that are unique are dug out. As discussed above, culture can be studied through tools, ornaments, art, customs etc. This paper uses one form of art i.e. architecture to study the culture of walled city of Lahore. It includes all of the factors that influence architecture e.g. climate, norms and values etc. Various locations of the walled city were visited and pictorial survey was carried out in order to look for the architectural elements in planning, sections and elevations that have been developed as a result of a particular culture and whose study can actually lead us to that particular unique cultural value of the people of the area understudy.



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Muiz, K. A. (2020). Analytical Study of Uniqueness of Culture of Pakistan. Journal of Art, Architecture and Built Environment, 3(2), 55-71.


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