OTR is an exercise in expanding intellectual horizons related to Organization Theory by highlighting its reflexive relation with history, culture, localness and other knowledge fields. It is an attempt to bring scholarly works of public figures, law and policy makers from diverse disciplines including natural sciences, art, literature, business, industry, academia, philosophy, history, ethics, religion and sociology together under the ambit of organization theory. 

Volume II Issue I, 2018

1. The Moderating Role of Debt Financing on the Relationship Between Leverage and Performance: An Empirical Analysis of the Textile Sector of Pakistan
Ummara Fatima
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2. The Integration of Knowledge Resources and Logistic Resilience for Effective Disaster Management
Muhammad Rizwan Junaid
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3. Is Problem-Based Learning Momentous in Augmenting the Industrial Capabilities of Graduates? A Literature Base Study
Aleema Shuja, Aleena Shuja, Prof. Dr. Ijaz A. Qureshi, Prof. Dr. Donna M. Schaeffer
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4. Building a Social Nework Theory of Perceived Public Service Motivation and Organizational Citizenship Behavior among Public Sector Employees
Sobia Sultana, Saima Ulfat
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5. Dynamic Transformational Organization: A New Organizational Form
Khalil Ahmed Arbi
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