Fuzzy Logic Controller The Impact of Water pH on Detergents Section Articles


Muhammad Saqlain
Kashaf Naz
Kashf Gaffar
Muhammad Naveed Jafar


In this research paper, the impact of water pH on detergent was measured by constructing a Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) based on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Numbers (IFNs) by incorporating three linguistic inputs and one output as taken by Saeed. M. et al. [1]. The inference process was carried out using MATLAB fuzzy logic toolbox and the results were compared with FLC based on fuzzy numbers. The objective of the study was the comparison of FLC based on intuitionistic and fuzzy numbers. The results showed that FLC based on IFNs is approximately the same but has more precise values. So, IFNs based FLC can be used in the Instinctive Laundry System. 


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Muhammad Saqlain, Kashaf Naz, Kashf Gaffar, & Muhammad Naveed Jafar. (2019). Fuzzy Logic Controller. Scientific Inquiry and Review, 3(3), 16-29. https://doi.org/10.32350/sir.33.02