Deconstructive Phenomenological Analysis of Sufi Discourse

  • Asma Manzoor University of Management and Technology-Lahore, Pakistan
Keywords: sufism, phenomenological analysis, deconstruction, Sufi discourse, confessional poetry


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This study presents Sufi discourse of Bulleh Shaha and Khawaja Ghulam Farid as a platform to assert the common emerging patterns in Sufi literature. Derrida’s deconstruction is utilised to discover the binaries in Sufi texts and phenomenological analysis to comprehend the essence of lived experience and themes of Sufi confessional poetry. The study reveals the substance of Sufi tradition to a general audience by analysing poetic texts and situates them within the larger Sufi tradition. It would make some contribution to the growing literature on Sufism and would offer an opportunity to researchers to unfold the Sufi narrative.


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Asma Manzoor. (2016). Deconstructive Phenomenological Analysis of Sufi Discourse. Linguistics and Literature Review, 2(1), 17-28.