The Archetypal Analysis of Tomorrow by Graham Swift

  • Afraz Jabeen University of Education- Lahore, Pakistan
  • Umme-Habiba


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This study entitles the Archetypal Analysis of the text Tomorrow by Graham Swift. This psychoanalytical study explores the entire personality of the protagonist of the novel on the basis of Jung’s theory of Unconscious and Archetypes. This study dissects the character of protagonist through the revelation of personal, collective unconscious, and repressed desire. Also, it draws its attention towards different kinds of archetypes as suggested by Jung and its universal application on the protagonist of the novel. The qualitative method was used for this research work that laid its emphasis upon the continual flow of protagonist’s thoughts and memories. The recollections of memories of the protagonist will help better to scrutinize the text by applying Jung’s theory. Jung’s theory will attest that an individual just like the novel’s protagonist can bring its unconscious mind into his consciousness through a mental effort of recalling.


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Afraz Jabeen, & Umme-Habiba. (2018). The Archetypal Analysis of Tomorrow by Graham Swift. Linguistics and Literature Review, 4(2), 81- 90.