Discourse Historical Approach towards ‘Killing Hunger with Entertainment’

A Street Art

  • Rabia Sohail Government College for Women Wahdat Road- Lahore, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Shaban Rafi University of Management and Technology- Lahore, Pakistan
Keywords: street art, FIFA World Cup 2014, visual social semiotics discourse, historical discourse approach


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This study analyzes a picture using Wodak’s Discourse Historical Approach (2009). Visual discourse depicts object(s) that generate discourses in a precise and meaningful way. The production of artistic visual discourse is influenced by the sociopolitical circumstances. The piece of street art presents an isolated hungry Brazilian child. The sociopolitical events working in the background of this painting give greater meanings to it. The contrast in this picture is shown in terms of the wealthy West whose focus is on the entertainment and a poor country Brazil. Thus, this painting presents exploitation and exercise of power at individual, social and global level. The in-depth analysis of the picture reveals at micro level the elements composing the image. The four layered analysis helps relate the micro level details to link them step wise with the sociopolitical environments.


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Rabia Sohail, & Muhammad Shaban Rafi. (2018). Discourse Historical Approach towards ‘Killing Hunger with Entertainment’. Linguistics and Literature Review, 4(2), 135- 143. https://doi.org/10.32350/llr.42.05