September 2011-Issue II

This issue of the Journal of Islamic Thought and Civilization comprises of research papers presented at the ‘International Conference on Islamic Civilization: Potentials and Challenges’ held in March 2011. The papers have been selected on the basis of the breadth of issues that they cover and their relevance in meeting the challenges that Muslim and non-Mulsim intellectuals come across in academic circles, in formal and informal exchange of ideas and insights, and in the ongoing and important task of cultivating the minds of Muslim youth to help them realize that they too can become channels of knowledge generation rather than being mere passive receivers of relentless knowledge onslaught from the West. If the readers find this issue of the Journal helpful in answering the questions that arise in their minds, or if it helps them to ask more intellectually demanding questions, then the editors can rightfully feel that the effort in putting together this issue has borne fruit.

Published: 2011-09-30