OTR is an exercise in expanding intellectual horizons related to Organization Theory by highlighting its reflexive relation with history, culture, localness and other knowledge fields.

Organization Theory Review (OTR) is double-blind peer-reviewed Journal devoted to publish research paper, case studies and book reviews concerning all aspects of Organization Theory.

The main purpose of Organization Theory Review (OTR) is to integrate the existing different Organization Theory discourses with the intent to create holistic organizational knowledge. In doing so the Journal intends to borrow from the varied epistemologies of disciplines such as management philosophy, business, linguistics, history studies and other knowledge fields.


OTR publishes articles in the fields of institutional theory, structuration theory, organizational fields, social structure, social actors, social mechanisms, phenomenon of organization, organization behavior, society and business, organizational development, organizational learning, strategic change management, ethics and morals and related fields of organizational theory.

Organization Theory Review concentrates on the discussions of experts on organizational mechanics and theoretical aspects of organizational life. OTR upholds a broad range of topics but looks at the critical factors of subject as experienced by people in organizations and society with the objective to perk up life in and practice of organizations. Along the theory OTR is engrossed in developing the application of theory into practice. OTR may publish full length articles, short communications/letters, review articles, letter to editor etc. Contributors are encouraged to contact directly to the Chief Editor or editorial team to avoid any conflict about forthcoming publications.

ISSN: 2221-2876 (Print)

Content Strategy

Overall Theme and Topic for OTR

  • Holistic Approach
  • Multidisciplinary Intent
  • Contextual Challenge

Breadth of the Topic

Multidisciplinary Approach: From simplistic to diverse, unique and universal stage by bringing multiple pedagogies and disciplines together at a unified platform in order to get prepared to take and inbuilt challenge for holistic management education.

The purpose is to reflect a “collage thing” multi-perspective  

Type of the Content to be Published

The journal will publish:

  1. Both qualitative and empirical study based research papers
  2. Editorials from the editors
  3. Book reviews

Mode of Accessing

  • Open access

Print or Online Edition of Journal

  • Both print and online versions of the journal to be published

Periodicity of the Publications

  • Bi-Annual publication of the journal to be managed

Vol 2 No 2 (2018): Fall 2018

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