Albert Camus’ The Plague in Twenty-First Century’s Pandemic Covid-19- A Reification Model in the Capitalistic World


Farheen Shakir


Covid-19 has emerged as the new global pandemic in 2020, engulfing thousands of lives in the capitalistic economic system. Reification, in such a materialistic world, commodifies human beings for possessing use-value. The workers transform themselves into dehumanized labor product of Capitalism as a historical project. The economic loss during the current pandemic has changed the outlook of the global capitalist system. The human beings have transformed into productive devices. Lukacs’ Theory of Reification has been applied to Albert Camus' The Plague (1948) to analyze how the epidemics change human conditions and convert them into lifeless products. Such reification leads to alienation of the human beings. The social, political, religious, and medical references and their applicability in the current world suggest the parallelism and universality of Camus' works, especially in the context of current capitalistic society, under siege of Covid-19. The research is a breakthrough in comprehending Capitalism as historically and materialistically intertwined in the current pandemic world, whereby human beings have lost human traits and become reified models of Capitalism. Now, the urge to reform compels to re-determine the morality of human beings.