Exploring the Relation between English and Online Mode of Learning during Covid-19


Marghoob Ahmad
Mamuna Ghani
Aleena Mehmood Malik


This investigation was focused on exploring the relationship between learning and teaching English through online mode during Covid-19 which were propitious for students and teachers. Judgmental sampling of twenty-five textual units from online news blogs was drawn. Axial coding was applied to analyze thematic patterns in data. Findings flaunted that Internet use was surging during Covid-19. Teachers and students were engaged in digital interaction to overcome the academic loss, and they were not ready for the online shift. Internet speed, connectivity, and availability of laptops to low-income parents were grim realities questioning universities' capacity to go for online mode of learning and teaching English, which entailed to be devised afresh. Students were experiencing a high level of digital divide and decreasing equity during Covid-19. The study resulted that universities were preparing to cope with learning and teaching English during Covid-19 by shifting online mode even in the dearth of resources, both teachers and students needed to learn necessary software and applications for teaching and learning English through online mode. The usefulness of the study was marked by way of planning the future scheme strategically for learning and teaching English through online mode during Covid-19.