About UER

UMT Education Review (UER) is an open-access, double-blind peer-reviewed international journal published biannually by the Department of Education, University of Management and Technology. The journal is available both online and in print with an ISSN number. The journal has the membership of Crossref, and each article is assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to mark your article's presence in the global research community. The journal is interested in publishing research articles providing sound and clear theoretical insights with practical implications for education as a discipline. The articles reflecting evidence-based reflections are also welcomed. As per the journal-title, it calls for papers on any topic on education, special education, or educational leadership & management that challenges the readers' traditional wisdom.

Area of Publication: Education, Special Education, Technology Education, Educational Policy and Governance, Organizational Behavior, Leadership & Management, Quality Assurance in Education, Curriculum and Pedagogy, and many more…

We are fully committed to providing unrestricted access to all published articles


UER's mission is to support scholarly work carried around the world by strengthening our contributors' research writing skills. We guide our authors to transform their research efforts into world-class publications. We shall become a knowledge community by promoting indigenous research on idea generation and problem-solving.


UER envisions lying out an educational research publication forum that facilitates education researchers, post-graduate students, teachers, and education managers from various disciplines to share their unique work. UER promotes inclusive research culture in Pakistan and happily acknowledges researchers' efforts dissuading discriminatory stereotypes.

Aims and Objectives

UER aims to provide a forum for academics, researchers, practitioners, and education managersworldwide to exchange ideas, research, and best practices in education, special education, and educational leadership and management. The journal aims to integrate the novel research into different disciplines.


UMT Education Review recognizes the role of educational research in key areas given below, as an in-depth understanding of the latest trends and developments is imperative for academia and industry to equip themselves for competitive advantage in the 21st century and beyond. 

We would welcome manuscripts on:

  • Education philosophy
  • Sociology of education
  • Educational governance & policy making
  • Educational leadership & administration
  • Higher education
  • Medical Education
  • Quality assurance in education
  • Organizational behavior in education
  • Systems and infrastructure development in educational Institutions;
  • Teachers’ Voice: their beliefs, thoughts, personal experiences & their personal development as part of professional action and how this action is influenced by contextual factors in their structural, cultural and social environments
  • The impacts of new communication media and technologies, new and hybrid cultural forms and practices, and globalised economies on education
  • Inclusive education
  • Special education
  • Early childhood education
  • Education change & reform practices
  • Educational research


The following significant core values guide our mission:

  • We value high-quality research publications aimed at significant contribution to new knowledge in the field.
  • We cultivate and advocate ethical behavior in all aspects of the publication process.
  • We respect each of our members' opinions and seek to amplify their ideas.

Distinctive Features

  • Full open access: everyone can read your article when it is published
  • Peer review from two or more experts
  • Frequent updates on your article’s status
  • Proofreading services
  • Submissions from around 10 countries of the world and editorial board from 20 countries of the world
  • OJS as Journal Management System