Effects of Pedagogical Leadership on The Student Achievements at Secondary Level


Fouzia Bashir
Ayesha Afzal


This research was conducted to examine the influential role of pedagogical leadership in the secondary schools of Lahore, Pakistan. The central premise of this research was to ascertain the effects of pedagogical leadership on the life achievements of students at secondary level which they carried up to the college. The main focus was how school principals and teachers play their role as pedagogical leaders to prepare students for academic achievements and life achievements. A quantitative survey was held to conduct this study. Data was collected from student of intermediate enrolled in different colleges in the arts, science and commerce programs of the Higher Secondary School Certificate by Lahore Board, Pakistan. Six public and private colleges of Lahore (male and female) which enroll students with high academic achievements were targeted. Data was collected from 600 students using cluster sampling and each targeted college was taken as a cluster. Descriptive and inferential analyses were used to determine the relationships among various constructs of pedagogical leadership of secondary school teachers and principals used for inculcating lifelong learning skills in students and promoting the self-efficacy beliefs of achievement. The study concludes that pedagogic leadership roles played by principals and teachers are of equal importance; however, pedagogic leadership provided by principals is more effective in supportive and managerial roles. On the other hand, teachers’ pedagogic leadership is realized in their professional commitment exhibited in everyday teaching and learning. The study also identifies certain gaps in the achievement of 21st century life skills of students which are vital for survival and sustainability in the current era.