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Editor-In-Chief Message


Dear Colleagues,

Novel research acts as a vital component in breaking through the stagnancy and monotony in the field of knowledge. It brings about the global community more closer to each other and contributes in the today’s world of education in a unique way. I am highly obliged by the members of the educational world for contributing and explicating their interest in this inaugural volume of the Empirical Economic Review (EER).

EER aims to provide a pathway to the research fraternities who are keen to present their valuable work in the fields of Economics, Finance and Public Policy. Along with adding up relevant scientific knowledge it also aims to transit the gap between theory and practicality through data driven research. Quality research work in the field of economics contributes in developing public policies for various public sectors/ministries by elucidating the theoretical implications.

I would like to thank the editorial board members and contributors in bringing forward this first volume of EER. I highly appreciate and have a keen ear to all your valuable suggestions for the improvement of our Journal. Looking forward to your continuous support.


Prof. Dr. Hafeez Ur Rehman